I am pleased to see pictures of my grandfathers engines.

These are the two 16nhp Burrell universal side drum ploughing engines numbers 2889/2890 which were purchased new in 1907 but were scrapped circa 1937-9. Their registration numbers were CE 8372 and CE 8371.

In addition to the two side drum Burrell engines, the Flack family owned a range of engines bought second-hand. These included:

Marshall TE no. 23804 built 1894, bought 1904, and scrapped circa 1952

Fowler SC 8nhp PEs 3364/3368 built in 1877, purchased 1916

Burrell TE no. 2324 built 1900, purchased 1921, and scrapped circa 1948

Marshall TE no. 39442 built in 1903, purchased around 1928 and scrapped circa 1952

Fowell TE no. 53 built 1891, purchased around 1929 and believed scrapped in 1940’s

Fowell TE no. 95 built in 1906, purchased around 1936 and sold for scrap in 1952

Fowell TE no. 85 built 1898, purchased in 1937 and sold for scrap around 1941/2

Fowler 7959 no. 1900 built c.1900, purchased 1937 and believed scrapped in 1948

Fowler no. 12751 built in 1911, purchased in 1937 and believed scrapped in 1948

Fowler-Goode PEs 2669/2870 built as Fowler PEs in 1876, purchased 1933 and believed scrapped by 1945

Burrell TE no. 2024 built 1897, purchased around 1945 and sold for scrap in 1952;

Burrell TE no. 3137 built c.1909, purchased 1947 and sold for scrap in 1952.

Sidney Alfred Flack also owned Fowler-Burrell PEs no. 3048/3049. These engines were originally 8nhp SC built in 1876. While owned by Pamplin Bros. of Cherry Hinton, Cambridge, they were converted to SCC by Charles Burrell. S.A. Flack purchased them in 1941 from what was by then the Pamplin Steam Rolling company. While 3048 is believed to have been scrapped around 1948/9, 3049 spent its final years supplying steam for soil sterilisation until scrapped in 1957.

To read more on Clive Flack’s family history go to ‘Steam Ploughing in Orwell’ at http://www.rgreen.org.uk/Flack.html