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7 Furrow Balance Plough at the 1st Great Challenge

AA038 7 Furrow Balance Plough at the 1st Great Challenge, Upper Boddington, 1994. Matthew Rawlings steersman (Photo- Dick Blenkinsop)

any ideas?

Any ideas?

AL 177   Fowler AA7 number 16053 of 1925, “John” in 1986.

(Photo Harold J. Clark)

Fowler AA7 number 16053 Fowler AA7 number 16063

Fowler AA7 number 16063 of 1928. Photograph taken in 1968 at Orwell, Cambridgeshire.             (Harold J. Clark photo)

Fowler AA7 number 16064 of 1928. Photo taken in 1968 at Orwell, Cambridgeshire.             (Harold J. Clark photo)

Fowler AA7 AL 180   Fowler K7 Jack of Herts

AL 180   Fowler K7 number 16646 of 1926 “Jack of Herts”. 

Photo taken in 1982.                                    (Harold J. Clark photo)

AL 182   Fowler K7

Fowler K7 number 17756 of 1933. Photo taken in 1978. (Harold J. Clark photo)

Fowler K7 number 17757

Fowler K7 number 17757 of 1933. Photo taken in 1978.

(Harold J. Clark photo)

Fowler AA7,   plough and Mole Drainer in tow

Fowler AA7 number 15567, CE 7692, of 1920. Plough and Mole Drainer in tow. Believed scrapped in 1952. (Harold Bonnett collection)

Burrell Single Crank Compound

Burrell Single Crank Compound 16 n.h.p. Universal Side Drum PE No.2890 Reg. CE 8731 of 1907. Flywheel on right, Winding Drum on left. Registered to George Flack, Orwell, Cambs. Scrapped in 1939

Pair of PEs under canvas. Right engine number plate is NK 1193 (Darby & Joan?) John Patten's Yard. Hall Farm, Little Hadham, Herts.

Fowler BB1 15226 NR 77 at Rally

Fowler BB1 Diesel conversions Delilah and Samson

15348 (left) and 15349 (right), ‘Delilah’ and ‘Samson’

These conversions need the wider 16” front wheels as there is more weight to the fore than when they were steam.

John Allen number 67 of 1913. Photograph taken in 1991 [Harold Clark Collection]

diesel conversion

Fowler 14267 of 1914. Bomford & Evershed diesel conversion (engine in tender).  Photo March 1973. [Harold Clark Collection]

Fowler Motor Cable PE 18600 or 18601 of 1929.

Photo’d 1991 at Faldingworth, Lincs. [Harold Clark Collection]

Members Brian Albon and John Price have confirmed the engine featured as Fowler 18600 while in the ownership of the Nicholson Brothers of Faldingworth, Lincolnshire. 

At the sale of this and sister engine 18601, in October 1999, they were advertised as Diesel Ploughing Engines. The catalogue stated that Lot number 1239, engine number 18600, was right handed and fitted with a five cylinder National Gas & Oil Company engine coupled with the original Fowler transmission. The left hand motor cable engine in the auction, number 18601, was Lot 1238 and was fitted with a Deutz six cylinder engine with original Fowler transmission.

The records show 18600 and sister engine 18601 were supplied to cable Cultivating Contractors Ltd., in 1929 with 150hp petrol engines and became their No.3 Set.  Both now survive in Worcestershire. It is not known when the diesel conversions took place.

Many thanks to Brian and John

Aveling & Porter

Aveling & Porter 8890 of 1918.

Photographed in September 1968. [Harold Clark Collection]

Fowler 14hp Single

Fowler 14hp Single number 1642 of 1871.

Photographed in September 1971.  [Harold Clark Collection]

A member has identified the location of this photo as Stourpaine Bushes – the original site of the Great Dorset Steam Fair. He remembers the setting as he had his BB1 there towards the end of the 70’s.

Would anyone like to identify the engine and where and when this photo was taken? [Harold Clark Collection]

unidentified engine Fowler 22hp Z7

Fowler 22hp Z7 no. 16719 of 19/07/1926. DSPG.

This engine went to Lunnick's, was converted to diesel firing and was much modified throughout its life. Survives in Australia.

                                                                         [Harold Bonnett Collection]

Fowler BB1 no. 15438

Fowler BB1 no. 15438 of 19/06/1920. DSPG.

New to Arthur Bazley, Boreham Farm, Warminster then to William Reynolds then Chivers. Can anyone identify the crew?                    

[Harold Bonnett Collection]

Fowler AA7

Fowler AA7 no. 15235 of 11/12/1917.  Can anyone identify the gent?

[Harold Bonnett Collection]

The figure in the picture might be Owen Easy who I introduced to the club about 1981.  Others may wish to confirm this.  If so, the photographer could be his father Chris Easy who was an ex-Great Eastern engineman based at Cambridge. Sadly Owen died at an early age not long after his dad.  

John Billard

Fowler AA7 no. 15364

 Fowler AA7 no. 15364 of 12/09/1919. To John Patten by 1924 where the pair were originally called PAT & FAN.

Names transferred and became Windsor & Sandringham. Does anyone know the boys on the tender?                                     [Harold Bonnett Collection]

McLaren number 112 of 1881. With Fowler double-drum windlass for roundabout ploughing. Photographed when with Hills & Checksfield, Burmarsh, in August 1950.                                         (Photo: G. Eastes)

Fowler 10HP Horizontal Shaft PE number 1149 of 1869 at P.C. Stickels, Newchurch, Romney Marsh, Kent.  The Left Hand engine.

(Photo: J. Russell)

Fowler 10HP Horizontal Shaft Fowler 10HP number 114

Fowler 10HP Horizontal Shaft PE number 1149 of 1869 at P.C. Stickels, Newchurch, Romney Marsh, Kent. RH Engine.            

(Photo: R. Wailes)

Fowler Motor Cable PE

Fowler 12HP SC number 1188 of 1869 when with Link Brothers, Newchurch, Romney Marsh, Kent. Reboilered by OSPC for Link Brothers.

 (Photo: R. Wailes & J. Russell)