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Steam Plough Club, Pant-y-Cae, Clyro, Herefordshire HR3 6JU

Joe Challis Tankard for Best Enginemanship

 Winner Chris Beal

Fowler Gold Medal  for best working plough

Winner Michael Davies

Mike Beeby Cup for best shallow plough

Winner Guy Debes

Beeby Brothers Memorial Cup for best digger plough

Winner Joe Nourish

President Richard Jackson  presents the Mike Beeby Cup to Guy Debes

President Richard Jackson  presents the Beeby Brothers Memorial Cup to Joe Nourish

President Richard Jackson  presents the  Joe Challis Tankard to  Chris Beal


Set 1 [PLOT F]

Fowler 14 hp single cylinder No. 2267 of 1874. Owned by Mike Hammond

Fowler 14 hp single cylinder No. 2528 of 1875 “The Chief”. Owned by Guy & Hal Debes

Fowler A/B 5/6 (Set as 5) furrow shallow bevel frame plough No. 13224 owned by Mike Hammond

Set 2 [PLOT B]

Fowler 16 hp BB1 No. 15182 of 1918. Owned by Michael Davies

Fowler 16 hp BB1 No. 15183 of 1918. Owned by Peter Wilson

Fowler 4 furrow A/B 14” Deep-digger zig-zag frame plough No. 15130 owned by David Adkins

Set 3 [PLOT C]

Fowler BB1 No. 15222 of 1919. Owned by Alan Sparkes

Fowler BB1 No. 15145 of 1918. Owned by Alan Sparkes

Fowler 2 furrow Sub-Soiler plough

Set 4 [PLOT K]

Fowler 22 hp Z7 No. 15673 of 1922. Owned by Michael Davies

Fowler 22 hp Z7 No. 15670 of 1922. Owned by David Adkins

Fowler 6 furrow A/B Semi-digger bevel-frame plough No. 13689 owned by Michael Davies.

Set 5 [PLOT A]

Fowler 16 hp BB No. 14378 of 1916. Owned by Jonathan Garman

Fowler 12hp single cylinder No. 1368 of 1870 “Margaret”. Owned by Andrew Melrose

Fowler 4 furrow A/B Semi-digger plough No 13561 owned by Jon Garman

Set 6 [PLOT G]

Fowler 8hp SC No. 4223 of 1884 “Aethelflaed” . Owned by Richard Vernon

Fowler 8hp SC No. 2861 of 1876. Owned by Richard Pierce & Peter Stanier

Fowler 4 furrow shallow plough No. 1514 owned by R. Pierce & P. Stanier.

Set 7 [PLOT J]

McLaren works converted 6 cylinder diesel ex. Fowler BB 14379 “Salty” of 1917 RH Owned by Jeremy Walker

Fowler 16hp BB1 No. 15148 of 19 LH Owned by Mike Priestner

Fowler A/B shallow 5 furrow bevel frame plough No. 12947 Owned by Jeremy Walker

Set  8 [PLOT H]

Fowler 18 hp AA7 No. 15257 of 1918 “Repulse”. Owned by Robert Jameson

Fowler 10 hp K7 No. 16646 of 1926 “Jack of Herts”. RH Owned by Dave Marriner

Fowler A/B Semi-digger bevel frame 4 furrow plough No. 12861 provided by Mike Beeby

Set 9 [PLOT D]

McLaren 16hp No. 1552 of 1919 “Hero”.  RH Owned by Charles & Robin Daniel

Beeby Bros. 6 cylinder Mercedes conversion ex. BB1 No. 15199 of 1918. LH Owned by Basil Gibbons

Fowler A/B semi-digger bevel frame plough 3 furrow plough No. 12215 provided by Mike Beeby

Set 10 [PLOT E]

Fowler 12 hp K7 No. 14257 of 1916 “Linkey”. RH Owned by Mark Jones

Fowler 16hp BB1 No. 15337 of 1919. LH Owned by Howard Bolton,

Fowler A/B Shallow 6 furrow bevel frame plough No. 12939. Owned by P. Davis, J. Bomford & M. Collins

2013 GREAT CHALLENGE   Winners and Participants

The Challenge Cup

Winner Michael Davies

JOHN FOWLER TROPHY    The winning team

L to R Trevor Barraclough, Andrew Weaving,  Joe Nourish, Michael Davies, Colin Carpenter, Paul Ransley, David Adkins