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Hands On 2012

‘Rain, rain, go away ... and don’t come back for many a day!’  - A cry that must have been heard regularly since early May? While it was instrumental in the cancellation of the Great Challenge, there was optimism that the Hands On could and would be staged – and it was.

The thirteenth “Hands On” weekend took place over 25th, 26th and 27th at Fenny Compton in Warwickshire thanks to the kind permission of Michael and Jennifer Davies. This was the fourth time they had hosted the event at Hill Farm. Despite all the elements could throw at us, the event was a great success and a tribute to the efforts of all those who provided their assistance. The participants could hardly have imagined what was in store and surely gained from the experience they took away?

There were 11 participants on the first day, 10 for the second and 9 for the third.  Two disappointed entrants had to cancel for personal reasons however, thanks to the last-minute recruitment of one helper and attendance of one other on the first day, the numbers were excellent. We had two young applicants, sponsored by the Steam Plough Club, both full of enthusiasm and keen to learn.  Based on the success of this initiative we hope to continue to offer places to the next generation of steam plough enthusiast on future Hands On courses.

The four plough engines were Fowler Z7 class nos. 15673 and 15670 of 1922 and Fowler BB1 class nos. 15182 and 15183 of 1918. The implements were 6-furrow A/B semi-digger bevel-frame plough no. 13689 and 4 furrow A/B deep-digger zig-zag frame plough no. 15130.

A diary of the daily activities can be found in the members area of the site.

Dick Eastwood, Secretary  September 2012

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