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Hands on 2018 John Stockton and Patrick Prendergast

HANDS ON WEEKEND  September 2018



14 participants and many Steam Plough Club helpers and instructors had a very successful Hands On weekend on 1/2 September 2018.  With six engines, two ploughs a cultivator and a mole plough it turned out to be a busy but enjoyable time for all concerned.


This took place at the invitation of Joe and Mary Nourish at their farm near Uppingham in Rutland.  With glorious weather and beautiful countryside it was a happy time to remember.  After careful setting up the ploughs and cultivator did a very good job in the hands of those present.  We were lucky to have the use of Joe’s newly acquired mole plough.  This was a bonus considering it was still being put together on the Saturday morning.  Brian Knight’s BB1 “Victory” did the pulling as it had been adapted many years ago in work to take the cable attachment in the rear wheel hub.


Other engines were Peter Wilson’s BB1 “Ajax”, Joe Nourish’s BB1 “Achilles”, Howard Bolton’s BB1, Mark Jones K7 “Linkey” and Brian Knight’s second BB1 “Dreadnought”. 


The Saturday evening was marked by an excellent private dinner in a local pub organised most successfully by Mary Nourish.


The club wishes to thank Mary and Joe for their hospitality and all the helpers and instructors for giving up their time for this most worthy occasion.


John Billard

If you would like to take part in 2019, please see the details at the top of the page

Hands On 2018   Participants Hands on 2018 setting up a 6 furrow plough Hands On 2018 working on a mole plough Lighting up Hands On 2018  steering through the first pull Hands On  2018  Rob Dickinson, right,  and  Ruben van Opstal

Ruben van Opstal works on the mole plough with Mike Beeby looking on

Participants John Stockton and Patrick Prendergast

Setting up the 6 furrow plough on Saturday morning

Lighting up – Chris and Kevin Mills with Guis Koolen (centre).

Rob Dickinson, right, presents Ruben van Opstal, 18, with the Haining/Tyler book “Ploughing by Steam” as the most promising young person.

Participant Mike Peace steers the mole plough on its first pull

Hands On 2019

  Plans are going ahead for the 2019 event on 7-8 September to be held in Sussex. The charge is £175.

At the moment there is just one place remaining, contact John Billard as soon possible if you would like to attend,  contact him on 01189 340381, 07834 998971 or EMAIL.