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HANDS ON WEEKEND  September 2019

  After it was all over a participant commented,

“You and your colleagues who organised and ran the Hands On weekend deserve a massive thank you for all your hard work. Everyone was friendly and helpful and although the atmosphere was quite laid back we were treated to two days of non-stop activity and the chance to get real experience of steam ploughing and cultivation”.

I would like to add my thanks to David Exwood who so enthusiastically loaned the land, Bob Jameson who assisted so much, the engine and implement owners who provided the tackle, those who transported them, and the tutors and helpers without which we could have not succeeded.

John Billard

John at the plough

Another very successful SPC Hands On event took place on 7-8 September near Itchingfield, West Sussex. Fourteen participants attended in fine weather assisted by tutors and helpers from the club.  A  wide range of engines and implements were in use:

Fowler single cylinder 8 hp engines 2861 and 3195

Fowler/Burrell 16 hp single crank compound

Fowler BB 14 hp compound 14233

Fowler AA6 16 hp compound 13877

Fowler AA/ZA 18 hp compound 15365

Together with

Fowler 6 furrow anti balance plough

Fowler 4 furrow balance plough

Fowler 9/11 heavy cultivator

The first day started with a safety briefing and a general explanation of the event followed by a maintenance and lubrication talk on the six furrow plough.  The engines were soon well polished, tubes swept, and in steam then work started.

Saturday evening was marked by the usual celebratory dinner in a nearby local pub and Sunday morning saw participants lighting and preparing engines for the second day.

Saturday line up George, Charles and Paul a close look Participants, tutors and helpers Ruben, George, Charles and Paul Training session in progress lunchtime Ruben at work

John at the plough with instructor Peter

George, left and Charles, right with instructor Paul on the Fowler Burrell

John takes a close look

Saturday morning line-up

Sunday assembly with helpers, tutors, and participants

L-R Ruben, George, Charles with instructor Paul 2nd right

Joe explains the plough

Lunch break

Ruben polishing

pulling out the rope

Pulling out the rope to start the day