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A bequest  for the club

At the anniversary lunch on 3rd December the club received a very generous bequest of £3000 from the late Robert Pelly a past president. In announcing the bequest his son Richard referred to his fathers strong family link to Fowler’s and his fondness for the Steam Plough Club.



Now that nearly all of those who worked cultivating engines for a living are lost to us it may be difficult for the novice to pick up vital advice on how to go about working the tackle.  This professionally made 100-minute film takes the viewer through all the stages.  

This includes what tools and equipment to carry on board, care of the rope or cable, lubrication of the engines and implements, setting it all up for work and then undertaking the job.  Importantly it covers the vital system of signals to be used between implement and engine, as advised by Fowler’s themselves. Throughout the emphasis is on safe working particularly in the public domain.

The assumption is that the viewer comes with a basic understanding of traction engine management and is introduced into the different operation of the ploughing engine at work.

While the film is made for the beginner in mind perhaps the more knowledgeable and experienced will much to find of interest and to learn.

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A special price of £10 including p&p for SPC MEMBERS ONLY.

Non members price £18 inc p&p

Contact Richard Playdon, 22 Whitethorn Drive, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, CV32 7UT

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Esmonde in June 2017

Esmond’s achievements were many but they were also accompanied by disappointment.  His Ashford Steam Centre, which housed many engines in the national collection, closed in 1976 following a dispute with the British Railways Board.  The Board then arranged a sale of his property over Esmond’s head but, nothing daunted, he craned out his engine and carriages on the eve of the sale which caused its cancellation.  He was irrepressible.  But his collection was then broken up; some of it literally.

With his brother, Esmond owned K7 ploughing engines 13830 and 13831 from about 1965 through to about 1984 and named them ‘ERMINTRUDE and ESMERELDA’.  In the 1960s Esmond bought another K7 ‘LORD KITCHENER’ No 14255 possibly for spares.  He also had an interest in a 5-furrow shallow AB plough number 11056.

He was born on December 30th 1928 and went to Dartford Grammar School. As a young man his sport was rowing locally near Welling; and at Henley.  He kept up this interest throughout his life and attended Henley Regatta regularly, the last occasion being only weeks before his death when we had the pleasure of joining him.  He was in good form and we much enjoyed the day together.

Esmond is survived by two brothers and a sister.  Another brother, Stuart, was a Formula 1 racing driver tragically died of his injuries after the Moroccan Grand Prix in 1958 while racing a Vanwall with Moss and Brooks.  

Esmond’s funeral took place on 9 October.  It was very well attended and reflected his many interests. The club was represented by Mike Goodman, Richard Pierce, Simon Fisher, Bob Jameson, Clive Flack and John and Sheila Billard.

John Billard  10 October 2017



Sadly, I report the loss of our dear friend Esmond Lewis Evans who died following a stroke on 5th August. He was club president from 1977-1982, having served as chairman since 1969, being one of our earliest active members.  Later, when the club decided to create this honorary post, he became one of our earliest vice presidents.

Esmond had wide interests but for his time became one of the country’s most important preservationists.  His collection not only included ploughing engines and tackle but also railway items.  This included his engine that he had saved in the nick of time with scrapping having already commenced.  Today this can be seen on the Bluebell Railway as old South Eastern rebuilt O1 class No 65.  Pullman cars were a favourite and Esmond had four, Lucille and Phyllis now running in special trains on the network, Orion, and Sapphire a 1910 wooden body version.  Other carriages included a unique surviving Southern 1949 3-car double decker train.

In the 1950s Esmond went to Southern Rhodesia now Zimbabwe. His return in 1964 was overland in an Austin Gypsy and he arrived home with a buffalo skull attached to the roof.

United Kingdom and Overseas Engine and Implement List no. 9

The ninth edition of the UK and Overseas Engine and Implement List is now available. This has grown to 138 pages, the illustrations and photographs have been refreshed and additions made to show variations in design of different types of implement.  

It is in four parts – UK engines, UK implements, Overseas engines, and – for the first time - Overseas implements.

Engines include conversions from steam to diesel, petrol/diesel motor cable engines and Gyrotillers.  Implements cover ploughs, cultivators, harrows, mole drainers, dredging scoops and scrapers, combined implements, land presses, living vans, water carts, roundabout tackle and windlasses. New additions are ditching implements and excavation scoops. Overseas entries include Borsig, Heucke, Kemna, Ottomeyer, Barford & Perkins, McLaren and Fowler manufactured implements.

The ploughman’s living van is no longer exclusive to the steam ploughing engine and many have been restored and are with steam enthusiasts owning a wide range of engine types. And with the large number of surviving cable cultivators and mole ploughs that were converted to crawler use now included in the list it has an even wider appeal to collectors of agricultural implements and equipment.

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Engine &  implement list