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Fowler Burrell NR1213 and its partner NR1212 5/6 Furrow plough McLaren Fowler 2267.  Hands on 2004 Fowler 2267 is watered conversion Wilder and Fowler BB1 15206 MacLaren BB1 15182 Achilles 15183 Ajax with cultivator Fowler 15183 Ajax plough line up in 2006 turning harrow heavy cultivator

John & Paul Spickernell  on Jon Garman's 11/13 tyne heavy cultivator, Shrewsbury 2011

Basil Gibbons’ turning harrow, Dorset Steam fair 2011

 Line up of AAs, Z7s, K7 and BB12006 Challenge

line up 2006

Richard Wade L, Steve Kibble R

lighting up

Hands on 2005 - Lighting up on Sunday Fowler Singles

2006  Challenge

Fowler Burrell

Fowler 15183 Ajax



 Hammond Single 2267

2006  Challenge  Hammond Single 2267 ex Beeby


McLaren 16 hp 1552 with BB1 15164 Dorset 2004

Z7 and plough

Coaling up - Z7 and plough 

Line up   March 2000 On the MacLaren

2006 Challenge. Chairman Hales consults with Ken Hicks on the Mac while the late Reg Beeby looks on

BB1 15182 Achilles

L to R Harry Williams, Howard Bolton, John Garman,

Mike Barter

The Wilder and Fowler BB1 15206.  Dorset 2004

Daniel family

The Daniel family


BB1 L Day & J Billard

Fowler 2267 is watered; Mick Hammond driving.  Hands on 2004

 NR1213 from the air

 NR1213 from the air during the 2006 Challenge

Fowler 2267.  Hands on 2004

Ken Hicks McLaren 1541


Tiger at Sunset

3/4 furrow plough

Nottingham Corporation 3/4 furrow plough

Lighting on Sunday, 2006 Challenge

Lighting up in the Sunday morning mist, 2006 Challenge

MacLaren  12hp 1541

15183 Ajax with cultivator

M Barter & N Day

Challenge 2006 Fowlers

Challenge 2006 Fowler 1368 (L) Fowler 2267(R)

Michael Davies's Fowler 5/6 Furrow plough on its way to winning the cup at the 2006 Challenge


Sean Symons and Jim Lowther with ‘Tiger’, 2006 Challenge


Alan Marchington’s BB1 looks good 2006 Challenge

 SPC Chairman Roger Hales and Bill Wright in Beeby single NR1213 while its partner NR1212 waits silently behind

BB diesel conversion

The late Reg Beeby, its originator, on BB conversion with Basil Gibbons

Fowler side drum with Howard

Unique pairing; Fowler side drum with Howard, 2006 Challenge

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