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50th Anniversary Challenge Report

8-11 September 2016 Crockey Hill near York
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Summary of Exhibits
44 exhibits – Full size & miniatures
Steam Exhibits  = 31 Ploughing Engines + 4 Tractors = 35
Manufacturers represented -Fowler, McLaren & Foden
Fowler Single Cylinder Ploughers – 8hp, 12hp, 14hp, DD
Fowler Compound Ploughers – plus B4, BB, BB1, AA6, AA7, K5, K7, Z7
McLaren Compound Plougher – 16hp
Fowler Tractors – A4, B5, T3
Foden Agri-Tractor
Fowler Motor Cable PE +  McLaren Motor Windlass + Gyrotiller
4 Steam Miniature Ploughing Engines + Plough
Kitson & Hewitson clip drum PE, Howard cultivator & Fowler self-moving anchor miniature display
Implements included
Ten ploughs
Six cultivators
Four harrows
Two combination implements
Two mole ploughs
Barford & Perkins design Roundabout Tackle
50th Anniversary Challenge Report
50th Anniversary Challenge Report
50th Anniversary Challenge Report
Our Sponsors
The Club has received very generous support from a good number of businesses and individuals in response to requests for sponsorship to help with staging the Crockey Hill event at York. In addition to monetary support, we have been loaned two 4WD tractors and a water tanker for replenishing the engines over the four days. One attendee has received free transport to and from the York event from a Cornwall based engineering company. Our thanks go to everyone who has helped to make the event a success by their kind support.

Demonstrations included:

  • Roundabout tackle
  • The double engine system
  • Direct steam ploughing
  • Diesel and paraffin ploughers
  • Rotary diggers
  • Ploughs, cultivators
  • Harrows and more


Rare exhibits:

  • Miniatures at Work
  • Working demonstrations
  • Photos, models, books and DVDs to buy
  • Drive an engine!
  • Competitions