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Steam Ploughing - An Introduction To Cable Cultivation

A short sequence of elements from the new 100min DVD produced for the Steam Plough Club. The DVD provides information, explanation and demonstration of the best way to operate the engines and implements used in two engine cable cultivation.

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Steam At The Furrow

'Steam at the Furrow' the Steam Plough Club Great Challenge

This short sequence of clips is taken from the 100 minute DVD ‘Steam at the furrow’ recently released by Avalon Video. Over a weekend in September the Steam Plough Club organised a ploughing match just for its members utilising only steam ploughing engines and equipment – the ‘Great Challenge’. This seventh challenge saw 10 ploughing sets – 20 ploughing engines working the fields the way it was done over a 100 years ago. The DVD covers all of the activity, all of the engines with interviews and comment from those involved.

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