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Committee Meeting minutes and Reports
These minutes are privileged and this information is for the personal use of members only.  They should not be copied outside of the membership or published.
Abbreviated Minutes of the Committee Meeting, 13th May 2021
1. The Committee meeting was conducted by phone conference with nine participants.  Directors, Officers and committee members remain as for the 2020/2021 period with one addition – Steven Whittingstall – who is taking on the role of Web Editor.
2. The Chairman was very saddened to announce the passing of Michael Davies at the age of 90 on 12th May. A short tribute was to be posted on the web following approval from family members.
3. The Steam Plough Cup was awarded at the AGM to Anne Garrison in recognition of her contributions to the Club for over 21 years. Anne constructed the Club’s website in 1999 and has maintained this since, providing regular updates and ideas for improvement for the enjoyment of members and others visiting the site. The Cup has been engraved and delivered to her.
4. Club finances are healthy and provision has been made for Corporation tax, expenditure for printing three issues of the newsletter, insurance for the two ploughs on loan from NCMG, ongoing running costs, and, to reorganise the website and associated matters. The Club’s insurance had been paid and the accounts for the year ended 31 December 2020 had been submitted to and accepted by Companies House and would in due course be submitted to HMRC.
5. There have been 7 new members this year. Subscriptions have been renewed by around 330 members and a determined effort has been made to remind those who have not yet paid that their subs are overdue.
6. The June newsletter will include an invitation from the Secretary to members to participate in verifying records and reporting new items and changes to the Engine and Implement List in preparation for a reprint in 2022.
7. Five proposals for developing, hosting and managing the Club website after Anne Garrison’s retirement were received and have been assessed. Contracts will be placed shortly with the chosen provider and development work is estimated to take 2 months.
8. Joe Nourish reported that arrangements to hold the Hands On event over the weekend 4th & 5th September at his farm at Uppingham were in hand. Six engines and three implements were accounted for. There were 16 applicants and 12 had been offered places.  A Hands On “Extra” was also to be arranged over the weekend 11th– 12th September for the 4 reserves.
9. There are no plans to organise a biennial lunch this year.
10.  John Billard advised the Chairman that he has now retired from active service within the Club after almost 47 years membership during which time he has been President, Vice-President, Secretary, Safety officer, Editor, and, Records Officer with Robert Oliver.
Dick Eastwood, 3 June